Select the Right Mobile Subscription and Save 2,400 Crowns

Big price differences on the most expensive and the cheapest subscription. Select true and spar about 2,400 crowns.

Telecommunications companies serve a very large number of mobile subscriptions, and often, consumers can not see through, where to buy, to get the cheapest solution.

An investigation our site has carried out shows that the same type of subscription, with the same amount of airtime and data, can fluctuate by up to 100 percent.

Nicolas Fa from our site telling, however, that according to their calculations, is the most expensive subscription on average 123 percent more expensive than the cheapest.

Thus, a Dane, on average, a year could save 2,400 dollars by choosing the cheapest option.

Customers’ biggest problem is not enough that they can assess their own needs. According to our site only eight percent of Danes use their subscriptions in full. Thus pays about 92 percent is probably too much for their subscription.

-“You pay for extra talk time and data that you probably never use, rather like an insurance policy. But it is unfair to customers, “says Torben Rune to our site.

There can be good logic in, to review its spending and assess whether it pays to switch to another provider.