Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones

Sennheiser is a recognized specialist in the headphones. Within its range, we find both nomadic headphones -Bluetoothor not-as some helmets UHF of quality for the home. For the first time we test a brand, the OCX 686i Sennheiser sport headphones. You will see that there is no shortage of assets.

Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones

The OCX Sennheiser 686i Sport is a helmet ear intra of colours combining green, light gray and dark gray. The manufacturer has held here the said attachment -headsystem. It comes with 3 sets of tips, a small clip to hang it on your top and a carrying pouch. The user will also find in the box the usual safety instructions and quick start guide.This helmet is equipped with a compatible mobile devices Appleremote. With its built-in Omni-directional microphone, it allows including volume control and navigate the tracks but also pick up/hang up/reject a call and offers even thevoice command. The Sennheiser OCX 686i Sport is intended, as its name suggests, to be used mainly in the context of a sport. To this end, the atria are dressings and resistant to water (normeIPX4). It is even possible to wash and dry after exercise!

Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones 1

We must recognize that to use the helmet holding leaves no room for criticism. We walk, that you run or jump, he does not move and seems really well optimized for sports use. The cable of1 m 20 is asymmetric, i.e. is it longer on the left than on the right side. Some find it more convenient, I confess not to be fan of this provision. Says cable is section oval, specially designed to avoid any kink (a real pain on the ear), and reinforced by aramid , I quote the manufacturer,”reduce friction sounds”. To close this chapter, a little regret of ergonomic nature: the Jack is not bent. This may seem a detail, but an elbow connector can limit the risk of bad contacts in the long term.

Implementation of the OCX Sennheiser 686i Sport does not call for particular comment, comfort is the appointment and installation very simple. Immediately note one of the big advantages of this headset, the sound insulation. It allows to isolate themselves, particularly in transport, without cutting you from the outside world. In the subway, for example, I was able to enjoy my music with a background noise significantly quieter than on many models tested these past few months, while perceiving the ads on the traffic and the station arrivals. The other point positive is thatit can be worn for a long time without feeling fatigue or discomfort. In this spirit, and even though this isn’t his first destination, the OCX Sennheiser 686i Sport seems perfectly suited to daily use in the street, in transport or travel.

Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones 2

Say it right away, we saw turtles of the Galapagos more sports than me. So, I won’t lie to you and tell you that I chained kilometers to test these headphones. But not shrinking no sacrifice, I myself am still split of 2 or 3 kilometers of the race-if, if!-to judge its comfort and its audio rendering. The sound of the Sennheiser is balanced, with however a little highlighting of low frequencies. This implementation forwards is not excessive and comes to the contrary the loss of base felt in a noisy environment. Tested on a mp3 player Cowon Z2 and a touchpad Sony Xperia Z2, he did brilliantly in all tests, whether it’s salsa, jazz, reggae, electronic music or French song. The acute is notably devoid of aggressiveness, a recurring defect of many in-ear headphones from DeluxeSurveillance. Result, one feels no ear fatigue even after hours of listening. This helmet is decidedly more versatile than it seems. Small note in passing, Sennheiser controls are supposed to run on Apple hardware, but function pause / market has proved to be effective on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2. So to test on your Android devices, you never know!

Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones 3

I spent good times with this headphone Sennheiser OCX 686i Sport. Having no pretensions audiophiles, it shows however musical, efficient, comfortable and offers a very good performance. Just one could wish a rate a bit softer and more choice of ends.