Serie Camp Kit: Flashlight


There are some things that don’t come out of the bag for the world! The Lantern is one of them, even if your intent is to leave at 6 A.M. and return at noon. Why? It’s very simple: we never know what nature has in store for us, although we can predict a lot of things and, most importantly, plan carefully all we want to do, learn and enjoy. Planning is one thing, reality is another, and within this planning, extreme care with your safety and well-being must come first. Thus, anorak, water, snack and not leaving the Lantern bag for almost anything of this world. Well, in the case of the flashlight, she should get out of the car, not that strategic place in the House (or the city).

Serie Camp Kit Flashlight 1

The camping market offers us a few options of lanterns which, of course, fit their needs. But first, check out the following tips to not have nasty surprises in moments that you really don’t need them!

Serie Camp Kit Flashlight 2


  1. always keep spare batteries and check the battery charge being used.
  2. do not store the lanterns with batteries.
  3. always check the State of the lamp recently.
  4. protect your lantern from moisture, especially if she is just water-resistant.
  5. If it is waterproof and wet, dry and clean before storing.
  6. used batteries can and should be recycled-otherwise seen toxic waste, extremely harmful to the environment.Recycle is simple and practical (separate a container home for them and, to fill it, throw in appropriate bins for recycling). Encourage people who live with you to do the same.

Serie Camp Kit Flashlight 3

Types Of Lanterns And Lamps:

  1. Headlamp (head or front lantern)-is the most suitable for the practitioner of outdoor sports, for letting your hands free, making the time to assemble the tent, cooking, hiking and/or Rappel, walk on trails etc.
  1. hand-Lantern this everyone knows …Are the most traditional and, in case you want to use them in outdoor activities, try to keep them around with a security tape. Usually an efficient backup to head lanterns.
  1. water resistant Lanterns-virtually all are resistant, are intended for outdoor use.

waterproof Flashlights-some are.Do not cease to be a peace of mind in a heavy rain.

  1. types of lamps-standard, halogêneas, xenon (gas), krypton and led.Learn the use that will give your equipment and choose which best fits your needs, remembering that some light much better but also spend more than normal batteries.