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Physics is a term with origins in the Greek “physis” which means “nature“. Is the science that studies the laws governing natural phenomena likely to be examined by the observation experiment, looking fit them in logical schemas.

About the Physics

Some of the best-known physicists in history are Galileo Galiei, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Physics is a fundamental science that develops based on theories and experiments. Part of the main theories of Physics: classical mechanics (description of the motion of objects), quantum mechanics (determination of magnitudes), relativity (relations of spacetime and gravity) and Electromagnetism (electricity and magnetism study).


The classical physics covers all the theories and knowledge developed until the late 19th century, covering the principles of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and wave.

physics 2

Modern physics encompasses the theories and concepts from the twentieth century, quantum mechanics, relativity and experimental physics (research of physical phenomena using experimental processes).

physics 3

The areas in which splits the physics are: acoustics (sound study); Electricity (the electricity); Mechanics (motion study); Nuclear (study of nuclei and nuclear matter); Optics (study of light).

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