Site of Russian Torrents Send Condoms to RIAA

While some companies like Topeka create fun and uncompromising play to celebrate the April 1, April Fool’s Day, also have those who take the time for political engagement. Russian torrent site Vertor, for example, decided to nudge the copyright protection groups that date. As? Sending a condom package to their authorities.

MPAA, RIAA, IFPI, BREIN, BPI and BSA. These acronyms may not make sense for you, but are organizations representing the interests of the music industry, film and media in general. All of them will get in their headquarters in a simple order of Vertor containing one packet of condoms in the flavors strawberry, mint and – get this – banana. Also, they will also receive a very nice card containing the following message:

For those who do not know English, translation:


According to the website owners, condoms symbolize the wish that the agents of organizations of “copyright protection” (or the notorious cultural industry protection) stop reproducing. So too would stop spread around the world their wayward ideals that make people be prosecuted for sharing content.

The Vertor also calls for other users also buy condoms and send to organizations with similar messages. They even publish copies of the receipts of the posts made on UPS.