SkyDrive Wins Online Photo Upload Time and Faster

If you back up photos on SkyDrive and got lost trying to find them later, know that Microsoft started today release an update to the web interface of the service, which will now separate images for dates, such as a timeline. Microsoft also improved client performance for desktop and enhanced integration with Windows Phone.

According to Microsoft, the algorithm detects different events, probably with a smartphone GPS helps: the post on SkyDrive blog says that if you take multiple pictures at a birthday party with the cell, and hours later, a photo on airport, they will be separated into different groups, without having to take any action. In SkyDrive web interface, you can quickly access a specific month.

Is missing something in the competition: the Dropbox separates photos just a month and the interface is just an endless grid of thumbnails – if there are many photos stored, it is difficult to find the oldest; the Google Drive does not offer anything like that, but there is a separation date on pictures sent with Instant Upload Google+.

There are also improvements in the SkyDrive desktop application: Microsoft changed both the client and the server and claims to have streamlined uploading photos up to three times. In addition, all users of Windows Phone 8 can now automatically upload photos to SkyDrive at full resolution – before the feature only worked in some countries. This facilitates sharing photos (after all, it will already be on SkyDrive) and automates the backup.

But why should you send all your important files and photos to SkyDrive? Microsoft today released a video with an absolutely common scenario and that certainly happens to everyone, every day:

The new viewing photos SkyDrive is available from today and will reach all users “in the next 48 hours.”

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