Smart Watches Had Discreet Sales In 2014

It is one of the categories that promise the most in the current market, or at least that is what the manufacturers want us to believe.

Smart Watches Had Discreet Sales In 2014

We, like many other users, are still not convinced that smart watches today offer differential features, but platforms like Android Wear only have a few months in the market and you have to give time to time.

A study by the consultancy company Canalys reveals that since the first devices with Android Wear appeared, 720,000 of these smart watches have been distributed (not necessarily “sold”). The figure is ridiculous compared to smartphone sales, but it is not bad when we look at other platforms like Pebble, which in the same period managed to distribute some 600,000 units of their devices.

Smart Watches Had Discreet Sales In 2014 3

If we also include the quantization bracelets and the aforementioned Pebble watches-as well as other wearables of this segment like the Sony Smartwatch 1 and 2, for example-the thing goes up remarkably. The Canalys report reveals that 4.6 million units were distributed in 2014, although it does not specify which quantitative bracelets were the most popular.

Smart Watches Had Discreet Sales In 2014 2

Where this assessment takes place is in the segment of watches with Android Wear, of which the Moto 360 “was the clear leader”, which seems to demonstrate the relevance that a good design has in these devices. In fact, that section may have even more importance today than its functionalities.

Smart Watches Had Discreet Sales In 2014 1

This figure is very modest, but 2015 could mean the definitive takeoff of a marketawaiting a very special guest: the Apple Watch , of which JP Morgan has already given the first estimate of units sold for fiscal year 2015: 26.3 Million units. If that forecast is fulfilled – a priori seems too risky to bet on figures without knowing how the Apple watch will behave-it seems clear that smartwatches based on Android Wear will have a tough competitor. And let’s not say those based on Pebble or even Tizen.