Smartphones Folding Will Come to The Market in The Second Half of 2017, According to Evan Blass

We have lost count of the times that we talked about the arrival, always imminent, of the mobile phone with foldable screen. Flexible screens carry with us some time, but until now had only resulted in fixed curvatures and the models Samsung Edge, or screens that your own Samsung has sold part of its competition.

The latest information coming in this regard speaks, however, dates and specific manufacturers. It seems that the flexible screens, which will help to build folding phones, are already a reality, and that there are plans to manufacture sooner than later. No one doubted that Samsung would be at the center of these releases, Thanks to its patents and the eternally rumored Galaxy X, but it seems that it will have company.

Folding screens come from Korea

Indeed, the information mentioned that Samsung will have ready folding mobile phones, with flexible display and not the shell-type, for the third quarter of this year 2017. Apparently, Samsung wants to manufacture up to 100,000 units of a terminal that would direct the market, none of prototypes or concepts to launch in presentations with little future.

Novelty, as well as the informal confirmation of the existence of these devices, is that LG also wants to join the party. Rivals Samsung, and compatriots, prepare another model with a similar production. Market coinciding with the fourth quarter of the year, reached 100,000 units of a future clamshell phone from LG.

So, Samsung would win the game as to be the first in placing folding phones on the market, but would have to check what such work one and another model. Remember that Samsung evolves its Super AMOLED screens long, and stands to reason that its Galaxy X, call it that, will feature one of these screens.

LG, however, would be even with LCD panels as 5.7 inches and ratio 18:9 that is ready for your future LG G6. Therefore, we would have two folding screens two different hitting the market technologies with few weeks of difference. And let’s not forget to Xiaomi, you already have a developed concept of flexible display that could materialize in a marketable terminal sooner or more.

As the last detail, it seems that Samsung could make public their model with folding screen in the next MWC in Barcelona, but production times will force you to market it for the third quarter. We would be talking about 7 inches, which would be more a tablet than a phone, although I would have to see the dimensions of the terminal once folded a smartphone.