Subject in English


Subjects are part of a curriculum taught to students. The word subject derives from the Latin assignatus, and means “signed” or “assigned”.

Some synonyms that can be used correctly with the word subject are: subject, study, chair, lesson or discipline. On the other hand, the term subject is translated in English as subject .

The subjects are the subjects that make up a year, semester or academic year. They are taught by professionals in the area of ​​teaching and, in extracurricular courses, by professionals and specialists in a given area.

In the case of school subjects there is a list of subjects that are mandatory such as literature, mathematics, biology, history, among others. The same happens in university careers, with the difference that students also have the possibility to choose other subjects.

For example, “this semester I have three compulsory subjects and one elective.” “The course subjects will be taught by the best professionals in the area of ​​accounting.”

It should be mentioned that each subject taught deals with a specific area of ​​study, hence there is a list of subjects that are considered mandatory.

There are also a series of subjects that cannot be taught in a normal classroom, but in a specific space and, all in general, are given at a pre-established time.

For example, “This semester the subject of chemistry will be practical and therefore it will be taught in the laboratory”, “The room designated for the subject of music has a good echo.”

Pending subject

The pending subject may have more than one interpretation. The most used indicates that subject that has not yet been approved and must be taken again.

However, it is also customary to use to refer to an issue or problem that has not been resolved for various reasons, including a longing. In this case, it can be a matter related to something personal, work or family as well as something social or political.

For example, “Taking a vacation is a pending issue for this year,” “The government has the pending issue to seek solutions against crime.”

State subject

In Mexico, a curricular space is offered as a state subject that is offered in order to integrate and apply various learning tools for the social and natural environment of students, reinforce specific content and generate projects related to a locality.

For example, promote moral autonomy, generate concern for collective well-being and the development of people, among others.