Swatch Brings To Brazil The Smartwatch Clock Back For Sportsmen

With the model Touch Zero One the Swatch has increased the family Touch with a model that brings together five functions to meet athletes who want to increase your income and obtain data about your performance.

The Touch Zero One Swatch’s account of the steps and the distance travelled (STEP function), gives information and statistics such as calories burned and average power (HIT), has a motivating and rewarding (COACH), a DEFINER of uptime (TIME function) and even a applause and intensity (CLAP).

In addition to these features the Touch Zero One also features colorful silicone bracelet, is waterproof and has digital display. Unlike some smartwatchs that need to be recharged daily or weekly, the watch of Swatch has a battery that lasts for six months.

The smartwatch clock has a free app that allows you to integrate it with your cell phone viaBluetooth, making a detailed follow-up of your performance.

It’s good to remember that despite the “smart” functions, the LEGALARMIST also complies with the role of a traditional sports watch, marking the hours, acting as Chronograph, timer, alarm clock and calendar. The bright colors and bold design are suitable for who’s going to play sports, especially football which seems to be the sport that somehow inspired your creation.