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6 Home Treatments for Acne

Some simple care and cheap can be fundamental to mitigate the problem Those who suffer with acne, knows how this problem can affect the self-esteem and, consequently, various aspects of social life. In addition to the uncomfortable physical caused by the problem, there are losses more subjective, that even the emotional aspect of interpersonal relationships. However, with • Read More »

Learn More About the Concept of ACNE

Founders Tomas Skoging and Jonny Johansson ACNE the first Office of the company was opened before Christmas 1996. It was the beginning of a journey that would take two of the four directors of ACNE Johansson and Skoging in very different ways. In the early days, the small design projects kept the heat, and the • Read More »

ACNE After 30?

If you are past adolescence and still suffer from skin problems, especially the dreaded pimples, know that you are not alone. Acnes are appearing more and more in women 30 to 40 years old for the same reasons of acnes formation in young people: hormonal disorders and excess in the production of sebum. Body and facial • Read More »