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How to Create Programs for Android

Android phones are becoming more and more popular. With new versions of Android still requiring less of the hardware, more cheap phones are being released with this operating system. With a larger base of users, more programs are searched and the number of program users also increases. Thinking about this market, maybe you might want to create some • Read More »

Angry Birds Birdday Party Now on Android!

It’s hard to believe how fast time passes in the area of ​​technology. Two behind the last month of December a small company called Rovie released the initial version of Angry Birds for the iPhone. In the years and months that followed, we saw new additions to the Angry Bird family. There were new levels regularly released to the • Read More »

How Do I Change the Mobile Phone’s Letter?

There are a few ways to change the font style in Android, but the method used will depend on the brand of the smartphone or tablet you own. If you have a Samsung or LG device, many models of these brands comes with a selection of fonts and an option in Settings to change the font • Read More »

How Do I Disable Apps on My Smartphone?

Android phones usually contain applications that you can not uninstall. All vendors practically put their own apps on your phone before they even get to you, and carriers do the same with their own bloatware package. Occasionally, these applications serve a useful purpose, but often they are useless to you. Unfortunately, even if you do not use • Read More »

Kitkat Phones from 90 Euro

A new Android Smartphone to be it, but please with the new OS version! We show over 50 mobile phones with Android 4.4 coming therefore KitKat, be made to fit, or partly already are it – price blast included.

Nokia 3310 (Mobile)

The anti-mobile Conclusion In the test, the new Nokia 3310 rather than cult mobile turns even if it so wished for by Nokia. This retro disaster has only one significant strength: the phone runs four weeks with a battery life… If you don’t use it. Talk time, sound quality, display, camera, handling flunk the test. • Read More »

Nokia Lumia 920: Top Cell Phone with Windows Phone8

At the presentation of the Lumia 920 in New York, Nokia has provided some highlights. It is highly competitive with a class camera, a great touch screen, a top CPU and the revised OS Windows phone 8 (WP8).

Modular Smart phone Google Should Be Released in January

First produced by the Ara Project should cost about R $110, but will only contain essential components Google organized on Tuesday (16) in the United States an event to show your concept of modular smart phone, known as project Ara. According to Cnet , the company’s goal is to launch the first mobile Ara, called • Read More »

LG G Watch R: Why A New Smartwatch?

With the G Watch R, LG develops its range of connected watch He already had the Watch G. Now, there are also the G Watch R in the range of connected watch LG. What are the advantages of this new feature? Just two months after the G Watch, LG introduced at the IFA in Berlin a new smart watch, • Read More »

Samsung Note 5 Tablet

Phone, address book and messaging the dialer is different (maybe worse) than on the 4 Notes. Has a Smart Dial that allows a quick selection of numbers to call and the ability to make video calls. With ease you can refuse callsautomatically (all, only calls from specific numbers, all unknown numbers, etc.) or activate, the far more restrictive lock mode with which you “freeze” incoming • Read More »

Android Will Steer Your Car

Infotainment in cars will be probably a great thing at CES fair and highly suggest Google won’t let Apple and Microsoft are fighting for customers. Where Microsoft has only provided small pieces of software for car entertainment and navigation device, Google will offer apps and further integration of smartphones. Why has Google in collaboration with Audi, • Read More »

Combined Android and Windows Laptop from Asus Leaked

The company behind Padfone teased earlier with a new product, which now briefly is leaked on Youtube. The company Asus, which already operates in alternative categories for smartphones and tablets, has former teaset with video for upcoming product, to be launched at the forthcoming CES exhibition. In the erstwhile teaser, was strongly indicated that there was • Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming!

Jungle drums are so small in time. Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored launched at MWC in late February. Let’s just jump straight into it: Galaxy S5 rumored to get Samsung’s own Exynos 5430 a 8-core cpu with 64-bit architecture that gives the bottom to 16mpix camera with optical beetle destabilization (OIS). Exynos 5430 is based on ARM • Read More »

Rumor: Sony Sirius Also Get Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 805

Sony’s next flagship will be reportedly presented to the CES, and is powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor. Next generation of flagship phones from tech giants is just around the corner with the forthcoming CES exhibition in Las Vegas, and more of the information has already leaked. Now it is reported that Sony in 2014 will • Read More »

Intel Will Combine Android and Windows

According to sources working Intel with various computer manufacturers, to introduce a “Dual OS” machine that can run both Android and Windows. As before described at our site, as smartphones and tablets take market share from the traditional pc as we know it. It does not, however, prevent producers in that fight tooth and nail to • Read More »

Tip: Automatic Light Setting That Can Save Your Night’s Sleep

If you are not satisfied with the brightness on your smartphone, so is ‘Lux’ perhaps the solution for you. If you belong to the group, which are not always satisfied with the lights on your smartphone, so it is android based program ‘Lux’ maybe that you’ve gone and been waiting for. We have previously seen • Read More »

Iconia A1-830 Is the Name of the New iPad Mini Like Acer Tablet.

Acer launches new affordable Android tablet right up to CES chants. Are you looking for iPad mini lookalike, can this be interesting. The other day, we were able to report on that ASUS rumored on his way with a 7.9 “tablet, but Acer will not hold back for that reason. Acer Iconia A1-830 who also is 7.9 • Read More »