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How to Create Programs for Android

Android phones are becoming more and more popular. With new versions of Android still requiring less of the hardware, more cheap phones are being released with this operating system. With a larger base of users, more programs are searched and the number of program users also increases. Thinking about this market, maybe you might want to create some • Read More »

How Do I Disable Apps on My Smartphone?

Android phones usually contain applications that you can not uninstall. All vendors practically put their own apps on your phone before they even get to you, and carriers do the same with their own bloatware package. Occasionally, these applications serve a useful purpose, but often they are useless to you. Unfortunately, even if you do not use • Read More »

Apple Launches Series on Creating Apps

Apple already had the Apple TV, for transmission of television images. Now, market giant launched your own audiovisual productions for television. The first original Apple tv series debuted last Tuesday (06), and consists of a reality show to show the backstage world of application developers.

App For Iphone: Mr. Porter Style Help

Smartphones are, without doubt, a great invention, but that would be theirs without apps that turn them into a real Swiss army knife? The application that lets you use the iPhone as a lantern to the consecrated Instagram, a multitude of options make each day, your cell phone more indispensable.

Leaked: Pebble Smart Watch Comes in Metal

If you have waited until now to buy Pebble-Agency due to material-choice so there would soon be good news on the way. Smart clock from Pebble, who will soon have a dedicated App Store, has until now been produced in plastic. It has probably also held many from buying smart clock, which immediately seems cheap, just due • Read More »

The iPhone Must Have World’s Fastest Smartphone Camera

Apple now confirms that they have bought up one-man company SnappyLabs, which is behind the world’s fastest camera app. The company behind the iPhone and iPad has now acquired an interesting little company to improve camera app for iOS. It writes our site. Better than Apple itself The company SnappyLabs, is founded and run by John Papandriopoulos • Read More »

Tip: Show That It Is You Who Decides over the Economy!

When the grandchild must be kept with your gadgets there may be economic advantages to be prepared. Most of us find it annoying, having to enter code to our account each time we act apps from the various app stores. That’s why tech-manufacturers, of course, made it such that the code is stored in a • Read More »