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Purees of Fruit: Preparation Tips and Delicious Recipes

The purees of fruit are the first foods to introduce in the diet of the baby at the time of the diversification of food. Learn all about in our article. To the extent that if you offer a new food it is important to provide meals, also nutritious for the child to grow healthy.

Baby’s First Days at Home

After the baby is born and spend the first few days in the maternity controlled environment, it is time for the new family member to finally get to know your home. These early days are often accompanied by some fear from parents, especially first-time parents. In this article you will be able to know some • Read More »

How to Use a Baby Feeding Pillow

Breastfeeding is very nice to every mom, but it happens that begins to disturb the back pain and fatigue in the hands. In this case, will help cushion feeding. It will make the process of feeding quite comfortable for the baby and for the mother. With the help of a specially shaped pillows, baby is • Read More »