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Recipe King Cake Escangalhado in the Thermomix

Want to make a king cake escangalhado, but there is no way? In this article is a recipe for king cake escangalhado in the Thermomix. Prefer the king cake escangalhado to the traditional? Don’t have the time or patience to do it? We are here to help. We bring you a recipe for king cake escangalhado in • Read More »

Vårkoll Stockholm (Part 1)

While the weather gods seem to have a hard time deciding if winter really is over, loading the Stockholm stores best for our program to end yet, and that the meteorological seen already reached the capital. It is, as usual, a mixed and black bag, so we Manolo helps you find the raisins in the cake.

Tips and Decorating Ideas for Transformers Party!

Tips and decorating ideas For Transformers Party for you to make a beautiful party for your child who loves this movie! The party decorating tip today goes to moms who have a puppy at home who is crazy about Transformers. If your little niver is coming and you’re already thinking about the theme of the • Read More »

Brigadier with Carrot Cake!

Good day Brasiiiiiiiiiiiil, I know that still today is Tuesday and many have wanted it to be Friday-kkkkkkkkk, guess today is deliciously irresistible, climb the clouds, since Easter is coming, why not assanhar the worms. Today’s recipe MARA, and the best, easy, easy to do, eat so I can’t tell you-Hahahaha.

Recipe For Ombre Naked Cake

DIY, Recipe for Wedding Naked Cake or Christening Cake in the Ombre Look Girls, there is cake. A naked wedding cake in ombre look delicate, homemade of course. You know that as a naked cake requires no large baking arts? And he also does not cost a fortune. Why not simply bake the next baptism or wedding cake itself? It • Read More »