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Improve Your Picture Colors with Black and White!

Bruce Wunderlich is a photographer who won the Photographer’s Choice award at the 2014 and he published an article that I found interesting that is “how to use the monochrome display to compose the best colors in your photos”, which adds a lot in our way of looking at pictures, a new look at the possibilities • Read More »

Scene Modes, Use Your Favor!

I just use the manual mode, to teach manual mode, and I’ve always been an amateur who was looking for the manual mode.

Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography

This article is not mine, but definitely worth reading. You who know my work know that I’ve written a book on photometry,Photometric simple – You in the control of light, where on board, in addition to other concepts for a good exposure, Aperture, and ISO speed.

Samsung WB800F in the Test

Still a Megazoomer fight price: 21-fachem focal length range with good facilities, the Samsung WB800F is a classic advanced camera. The compact camera must prove themselves in the test. Size and weight of the Samsung WB800F are in the middle range of compact cameras (111 x 65 x 36 mm, approx. 220 grams), the focal • Read More »

Digital SLR Cameras The Camera For Pros

Espite a competition more and more fierce, slrs remain a reference for lovers of photography. Nevertheless, the choice is more limited since only three manufacturers (canon, nikon and pentax) still produce slr digital cameras. Considered the rolls royce of cameras, the reflex is characterized by its image quality and its reflex sight powered by a • Read More »