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Amino Acids: What They Are, What Is Its Importance and Where You Can Find Them

Amino acids are the basic constituents of all proteins and play vital functions in the body. Come and discover what in our article. The amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins, which are involved in thousands of biochemical reactions that are essential to the human body, including growth, repair and maintenance of tissues.

Organic Farming: What Has It to Offer?

If you need reasons to consume organic farming products, read on. The organic farming has gained prominence in recent times. Proof of this is the – ever-increasing – amount of biological (or bio, as they are called) products that fill the shelves of hypermarkets. And the adepts, these, also do not stop increasing. But there are – not one more –  several • Read More »

Tips for Not Getting Fat in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very beautiful and special time for most couples, especially for women who have the gift of conceiving a new human being within them. Ultrasound, hearing the baby’s heart, kicking and increasing belly. This particular moment should be lived with all the care, but attention most pregnant women gain too much weight during pregnancy, • Read More »