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Back to School: The Best Storage Options for Books

With back to school comes new school supplies, new books, new notebooks. But where to store all this? Check out the best storage options for books. The back-to-school can be a time well exciting, want to parents want for their children. But with the arrival of new materials begins to think of options of storage for books?

How to Make White Decorated Room

My room is white, when I came home, my sister had painted the room in lilac and now I’m in the room I didn’t want to change. But I confess that I prefer white decorated room, like decorating with all white, so If you like this style more clean too, I’m going to show you here how • Read More »

Old Blue Bathroom Ideas

The  bathroom to color old blue is defined as a bathroom that blends tradition and modernity with elegance and sobriety. Inspirations in pictures… Blue spirit bath holiday home In a Parisian industrial building of the 19th century, the architect Hervé Vermesch has installed an apartment that looks like a holiday home, playing on the warm materials, • Read More »

Why Choose Furnishings Polyrattan for Your Garden?

When you have to evaluate the materials for garden furniture choice is always difficult, but if you are not a lover of wooden furniture and you don’t want to engage in routine maintenance of this material, here is the solution for you: the Polyrattan. There are many uses and the potential of this material, which finds space in • Read More »

Decorating Tips for Buying Or Renting Property

I’m thinking of moving and so this weekend I was looking at websites selling apartments. I was amazed! First with prices (an unreal thing what is happening in RJ with real estate prices) and then with the unconcern of many people or companies in the presentation of the photos of the real estate. So I thought I’d post • Read More »

Expoflora from Heart

Continuing our coverage of Expoflora (see previous posts here)-which runs until September 25, from Friday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Holambra, SP-we will see the remaining environments of the 12th Show of landscaping and gardening and Some interesting details.

The Importance of Colour in Decoration

The decoration of a House can start with the colors chosen in each environment. The colors help you convey sense of well-being and warmth.

Exotic bathroom Ideas

The rustic style can also be set for the exotic bathroom. The evidence in a few images of inspiration where wood and paneling have to go!

Men’s Rooms Decorated

The Men ‘s Rooms Decorated are very modern and there are so many ways of decorating this environment that not always imagine where to start or what to use as well.We know that decoration is welcome anywhere, even more in this room where everyone wants more comfort and convenience, and this only the decoration can offer us as well.And • Read More »

What Not To Do In Your Living Room

And we came to the living room in our series of what NOT to do in the decoration of the environments. I have selected some photos of situations that should be avoided so that your room is efficient, comfortable and does not give you a headache. And some nonsense that I found just to amuse you. Mood does • Read More »

What You Can Not Have In A Home Office

I’m going to talk about that little corner that you use at home to do social networking or meet a quick job request. In it you do not need to have all the amenities of a home office (of those you work for hours on end ). The requirements are a lot smaller, but even so, it takes the minimum for • Read More »

Children’s Table Lamps

Children’s table lamps are a point of light that fills you with joy and color the room of children. In the children’s room accessories are essential to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which has fascinated and transmits joy. Be inspired by offers of Dalani to make your home more beautiful. Love your home! Register • Read More »

How to Renovate Old Wooden Furniture

We will find that our half wood furniture is turning old over time. They lose the beauty that they originally had and we don’t know how to decorate a particular environment, afraid of abandoning the rest of the decor. You may want to leave that little table or nightstand stored somewhere because it clashes with • Read More »