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Angry Birds Birdday Party Now on Android!

It’s hard to believe how fast time passes in the area of ​​technology. Two behind the last month of December a small company called Rovie released the initial version of Angry Birds for the iPhone. In the years and months that followed, we saw new additions to the Angry Bird family. There were new levels regularly released to the • Read More »

Nokia 3310 (Mobile)

The anti-mobile Conclusion In the test, the new Nokia 3310 rather than cult mobile turns even if it so wished for by Nokia. This retro disaster has only one significant strength: the phone runs four weeks with a battery life… If you don’t use it. Talk time, sound quality, display, camera, handling flunk the test. • Read More »

Louis Vuitton Protects You from the Sun

If you have sensitive skin and at the same time, a fashionable vein in the body, so is Louis Vuitton’s new bracelet maybe just something for you The starting gun has gone to CES 2014, and according to initial reports from electronics trade fair in Las Vegas, is one of the new trends of the • Read More »

The iPhone Must Have World’s Fastest Smartphone Camera

Apple now confirms that they have bought up one-man company SnappyLabs, which is behind the world’s fastest camera app. The company behind the iPhone and iPad has now acquired an interesting little company to improve camera app for iOS. It writes our site. Better than Apple itself The company SnappyLabs, is founded and run by John Papandriopoulos • Read More »

Intel Will Combine Android and Windows

According to sources working Intel with various computer manufacturers, to introduce a “Dual OS” machine that can run both Android and Windows. As before described at our site, as smartphones and tablets take market share from the traditional pc as we know it. It does not, however, prevent producers in that fight tooth and nail to • Read More »

Tip: Show That It Is You Who Decides over the Economy!

When the grandchild must be kept with your gadgets there may be economic advantages to be prepared. Most of us find it annoying, having to enter code to our account each time we act apps from the various app stores. That’s why tech-manufacturers, of course, made it such that the code is stored in a • Read More »