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How to Make White Decorated Room

My room is white, when I came home, my sister had painted the room in lilac and now I’m in the room I didn’t want to change. But I confess that I prefer white decorated room, like decorating with all white, so If you like this style more clean too, I’m going to show you here how • Read More »

Lighting: Home High Spirits, Always!

The idea that light and darkness, change the mood of the people is true and has ancient origin. There are some 2000 years, people suffering from lethargy and depression were advised to take a bath of Sun, expose themselves to the light of day! Hence the importance of the quality of light in lighting projects. • Read More »

Philips GU10 LED Bulb Review

Consumption: 5W (measured 5.2W-5W) Energy rating: A + Equivalence: 50W Lumens: 350 Color: 3000K Angle: 36 ° Power factor: 0.72-0.70 measured CRI: > 80 Adjustable: No Dimensions: 55 x 51 mm Weight: 43.04 gr Length: 15000 hours (50000 ignitions) Price: €7.95

What Not To Do In The Double Room

Hi guys! I missed you, did you? Problems in the carcass that my soul carries left me out of the air for a few days, but I’m back!  And continuing the series of what NOT to do in your home, now let’s go to the double room, this environment so important to the health of the whole house • Read More »

How To Decorate The Table

The post today is pretty cool and different questions so often appear, it’s tricky to find certain items and do something cool, so separated some ideas of how to decorate the table. Check out the ideas and inspire yourself, you can be sure that will like some options.

LED Lighting of the Future

Why the Leds Will Be the Lighting of the Future Fifteen years already that the high power LED and white LED made their appearance on the market of lighting of individuals, but also on the workplace or in outdoor lighting. And this is only a beginning as the light-emitting diodes are bound to improve their energy performance. So it’s • Read More »

Benefits of LED Lighting

Significant savings on your electricity bill The price of electricity continues to rise. LED lighting uses on average 90% of electricity less than a standard halogen for the same brightness. Long service life bulbs LED bulbs have a much longer life that halogen bulbs – they can last up to 20 years. When you install • Read More »

Modern Style Wall Lights

Modern wall lamps are ideal for lighting with style a contemporary inspiration: the irwarm lights make them simply more welcoming. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

7 Misconceptions about LED Lighting

Despite the many advantages of LED lighting, there is still some false myths to her around. LED lighting has revolutionized the market thanks to its efficiency, size, strength and power, but there are 7 misconceptions about her: 1 it is very expensive It is clear that the initial price of a LED lamp is more • Read More »

LED Lighting Community

Costs and amortization for the Installation of LED lighting in a community of neighbors. Let us look at the case of a standard community from about 4 floors in height, portal, stairs, halls of counters, a medium garage and access. The parking will be a normal use of 24 hours a day and 365 days • Read More »

Home Theater Decor

It may be that you do not have those luxurious home theaters that you see in the pictures out there (or you can be lucky!), But a space that you created with the goal of enjoying as many movies as possible. Anyway, read this post to help you get the maximum comfort and fun of this environment. Even small, • Read More »

LED Strip:Get All Your Questions Here!

Have you noticed that LED lighting is on the rise?They are lamps, panels, screens, ribbons and various options to make a good lighting project .Amongst this diversity, the LED ribbon gains prominence and conquers decorators and environment designers.

Outdoor Lamps

Every day the sun rises… and the moon.

LED Light Tube Can Be Shortened For Individual Lighting Projects

The effect of an area depends not only of the institution, but also strongly influenced by the lighting. It is homely and cosy with indirect light. A LED light tube and a few clips comply with little effort, great effect already, to implement a simple, indirect lighting solution-.

5 Front LED Flashlights For Hiking

We are going to do a review of some of the best front led flashlights that we can find in the market, basically Led Lenser and Petzl flashlights which are the brands of led flashlights that we consider offering the front led with best quality/price ratio.

Modern Oriental Style Interior Design

Who thinks 2014 the refurbishment of residential premises, which can draw on a wide variety of styles. It pays to ask yourself before which pieces one at home has particularly liked and which you can not miss. Perhaps it then comes to the conclusion that silken pillows, brocade and ornate carpets like especially while in the comforting • Read More »

Lighting Trends 2016

In September 2016 we discover all the innovations in the field of lighting, including the LED light trend. In a House, lighting adds aesthetic and creates a new atmosphere. Sometimes, just play on the lights to accentuate the decoration and offer a décor styled without changing anything else in the House. Between LED lights, suspension, • Read More »

A Milan Vintage Script

Not only does the good contemporary décor items. Here, we select the best vintage shops in the capital of design, since secret addresses to others. Check out the tips of the Home team Sails and happy shopping!

Arched Floor Lamps

The lighting is really very important for the design of an Interior: arc floor lamps are extraordinarily beautiful design solutions with which you can simply infuse a touch of style to your living area. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Porcelain Table Lamps for Bedroom

Tastefully decorated the living room or the bedroom, thanks to porcelain table lamps recreate subdued atmosphere and picturesque place to relax in the evening after a long day at work. About Dalani discover many ideas to decorate and furnish with style. Porcelain lamps, timeless beauty Porcelain table lamps are the more traditional furniture and at • Read More »