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Tips for Putting Together a Lingerie Closet!

As essential as having a wardrobe with pieces that dress us for any occasion, is having a variety of lingerie pieces that ensure equally well-dressed days and nights. More than being sexy or seducing someone, a lingerie closet serves to leave you ready for any occasion, always feeling safe and confident. To help you with this mission, • Read More »

Bras that Reduce

It is not always the case that those who have advanced breasts can easily find a nice bra and at the same time have good support. That is why today our post is dedicated to you that goes through this dilemma day by day.

Ideal Lingerie – What Is Their Favorite

Discover What Lingerie Are The Men’s Favorites Every woman knows that to conquer a man or spice things up with the husband/boyfriend, just put on the most beautiful lingerie that you have at home, because the success is guaranteed. Besides leaving the body more beautiful and sexy, underwear also instigate your imagination and awaken the pleasure • Read More »

The Meanings of Colors – Colorful Lingerie

What do you want for the new year? Many people believe that the color of underwear used during New Year’s Eve determines the energies we are going to take for the next 365 days. But do you know the meaning of all of them? We’ll tell you!

Novel Lingerie for You!

The costumes of novels always give something to talk about, because people identify with the characters and find in them a form of inspiration. Lately, the lingerie that appear on the canvases also have gained huge attention, and everybody wants to know where to find parts as the character Maria Isis of the novel Empire, for example, one • Read More »

Lingerie: Keep Your Beautiful Parts for Longer

Lingerie makes all the difference in the fit of the clothes, but it’s not always easy to make that bra or panties you love keep nice and efficient for long. The good news is that you can extend the life of your favorite pieces with simple care, cleaning and storage that will ensure that your • Read More »

Right Lingerie Blog: Tips to Choose and Buy Online

Is in the air the Right Lingerie blog! To make the world of lingerie and help you find the parts ideas. After all, modern women seek comfort. And speaking of comfort, you will be able to buy lingerie online without fear of making mistakes in choices! Get ready to revolutionize the intimate drawer!

Corset Vs Corselet

Girls who want to buy their first corset (read corset) have to stay alert! Many times malicious or ill-informed people try to sell corselets (read Corsican) for tight lacing training. So it is very important to know the product you are buying so you do not end up at a loss.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Bras

Tips on how to prolong the life of your Bras of assertive way. Who invests a lot of money on a quality bra doesn’t even want to think about losing it fast. I think nobody is ripping money in times of crisis, isn’t it? We purchase “that” often lingerie guy, but knowing that it’s an investment, because • Read More »

Underwear For Pregnant Women

Ahhh, being a mom, that most wonderful thing!!! (Imagine, huh? Because I am not yet)… Let’s talk today, give tips, show pictures, say brands that sell, anyway, to make you always super updated!

Lingerie And Swimwear Spring Summer 2011 2012

As always, Interfiliére (international fair of fabrics and accessories for intimate fashion, beach and sports fashion-which takes place in Paris) presents an exceptional trend chart that fits into many different categories of products. For spring summer 2011 2012, the principal trend is “break the rules, exceeds the boundaries of Lingerie, Swimwear and fashion Street, switch between Loungewear • Read More »

How To Take Care Of Your Lingerie

We women know the importance that a beautiful visual represents. Our clothes get always a love and special care, after all, we don’t want to pass an image of sloppiness. Be well clean makes us feel good. And with the underwear? What are the precautions that we should take?

How To Choose A White Lingerie

Choosing a lingerie is a task that women always go through, it is always necessary to check the material, the quality, the size and even the model to choose the right lingerie. The choice of the right lingerie depends a lot on what will be your function, do you want a comfortable lingerie for day to day or • Read More »

Big, Beautiful And Cheap Bras… Is Possible!

Lately the thing goes from lingerie. Recently we told you about our favourite this autumn 2016 lenceras trends and some complained that prices were too high. We left that find Bras, panties and other size is not complicated, but what if it is difficult to find cute things that do not appear to your Yaya, • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Bra

How to Choose the Right Bra When choosing women’s underwear and lingerie you have to put an emphasis on the BRA. It is important to wear one of your size (never buy one too tight just to get the push-up effect)! The BRA should not force the breasts unnaturally. Some studies have shown that women • Read More »

How to Wear Bra Step by Step

Who has not dreamed of a wardrobe to be the envy of his entourage? To achieve this, it is important to follow some rules, and it starts with the choice of her bra. Indeed, how to choose her lingerie is not innate, it is learned. To become expert in this field, here are some steps to • Read More »

Lingerie Spring News

A sensual and seductive lingerie, bright colors, characterizes the intimate trend for Spring / Summer 2015. trendy-chic collections, composed of simple garments that enhance and promote the forms, whose fluid and light fabrics represent particular graphic motifs and floral print, perfect to be worn at all times. Intimissimi offers us a feminine and sensual collection that wraps the • Read More »