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Nokia 3310 (Mobile)

The anti-mobile Conclusion In the test, the new Nokia 3310 rather than cult mobile turns even if it so wished for by Nokia. This retro disaster has only one significant strength: the phone runs four weeks with a battery life… If you don’t use it. Talk time, sound quality, display, camera, handling flunk the test. • Read More »

The Answer to the Iphone

In the United States, T-Mobile presented the first Google phone: G1. Say, what it offers, how to use the Android interface, if the G1 is a mobile hit and when it comes to Germany.

Smart Phone for Video Calls

Look who’s talking: thanks to a second camera you make with the UMTS-capable 6680 easy video calls. But despite better equipment, the Nokia smart phone with Series 60 user interface can oust his predecessor, not from square one of the mobile leaderboard.

Nokia is Lagging Behind

The world market leader stumbling Nokia is a single success story. From the car tire and rubber boots to the mobile phone and to the “Featurephone”-Nokia has always managed to adapt successfully and to be successful-that is a fact that can be held free of doubts. However, the success is slowly crumbling, but the prelude Nokia, within • Read More »

The Nokia X

In 2010, before the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft was announced, many people dreamed of a smartphone from the Finnish company running Android. At the time Anssi Vanjoki, then executive of Nokia, stated that resort to Android amounted to “pee in your pants for warmth in winter”, ie, it was a stopgap solution without future. The • Read More »

Android Will Steer Your Car

Infotainment in cars will be probably a great thing at CES fair and highly suggest Google won’t let Apple and Microsoft are fighting for customers. Where Microsoft has only provided small pieces of software for car entertainment and navigation device, Google will offer apps and further integration of smartphones. Why has Google in collaboration with Audi, • Read More »

Denim-Update For Lumia Camera App In The Video Presents

The update for Lumia camera 5.0 coming soon? In a video released on YouTube, a demo version of the new Lumia camera app is already on the Lumia 830 to see. These will appear along with the expected denim update for a number of Lumia devices. The denim-update coming soon for the Nokia Lumia 830, • Read More »