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How to Create Programs for Android

Android phones are becoming more and more popular. With new versions of Android still requiring less of the hardware, more cheap phones are being released with this operating system. With a larger base of users, more programs are searched and the number of program users also increases. Thinking about this market, maybe you might want to create some • Read More »

How Do I Change the Mobile Phone’s Letter?

There are a few ways to change the font style in Android, but the method used will depend on the brand of the smartphone or tablet you own. If you have a Samsung or LG device, many models of these brands comes with a selection of fonts and an option in Settings to change the font • Read More »

How Do I Disable Apps on My Smartphone?

Android phones usually contain applications that you can not uninstall. All vendors practically put their own apps on your phone before they even get to you, and carriers do the same with their own bloatware package. Occasionally, these applications serve a useful purpose, but often they are useless to you. Unfortunately, even if you do not use • Read More »

Kitkat Phones from 90 Euro

A new Android Smartphone to be it, but please with the new OS version! We show over 50 mobile phones with Android 4.4 coming therefore KitKat, be made to fit, or partly already are it – price blast included.

Iphone In Belgium Completely Without Netlock To Buy!

Why it’s good to have a Belgian girlfriend… As is generally known, the worldwide sale of the latest Apple gadget will start on Friday. In the run-up there were many discussions regarding the pricing and the fact that every iPhone is blocked by Netlock for other networks destroyed so many a dream of a reimport.

Unpacked: Acer Betouch E400

Cheap smartphone with Android 2.1 For a smartphone you can put a lot of money on the table. This starts with the upper class Android devices, which gladly times scratch at the 400 euro border and ceases with the new iPhone 4, that because of the T-Mobile exclusivity at a large online auction house already times • Read More »