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Banoffee for Everyone: Traditional, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Lactose

Loves a dessert but have dietary restrictions? Learn these 3 recipes from the famous Banoffee Pie to savor it without guilt. The Banoffee Pie is a pie of English origin. Your name comes in the combination of two words: banana and toffee, which are the two main ingredients. Toffee is caramel, in this case the sweet milk that covers the crust • Read More »

Recipe King Cake Escangalhado in the Thermomix

Want to make a king cake escangalhado, but there is no way? In this article is a recipe for king cake escangalhado in the Thermomix. Prefer the king cake escangalhado to the traditional? Don’t have the time or patience to do it? We are here to help. We bring you a recipe for king cake escangalhado in • Read More »

Purees of Fruit: Preparation Tips and Delicious Recipes

The purees of fruit are the first foods to introduce in the diet of the baby at the time of the diversification of food. Learn all about in our article. To the extent that if you offer a new food it is important to provide meals, also nutritious for the child to grow healthy.

4 Recipes Chicken with Sweet Potato Healthy

If chicken with sweet potatoes is part of their daily choices, then these recipes will give a new life to these dishes. Forget the dishes without grace, and the boredom in the diet. The chicken with sweet potato is one of the healthier options to include in a balanced diet, but does not have to be an option • Read More »

Oat: Properties and Benefits

Highly nutritive and versatile, the oatmeal has lots of health benefits and there are many reasons to include it in your diet. Undervalued for many years, it has gained prominence in the power supply to the Portuguese in the last decade. Know the properties, benefits and sample our dozens of suggestions for recipes with this cereal. Undervalued • Read More »

Recipe For Ombre Naked Cake

DIY, Recipe for Wedding Naked Cake or Christening Cake in the Ombre Look Girls, there is cake. A naked wedding cake in ombre look delicate, homemade of course. You know that as a naked cake requires no large baking arts? And he also does not cost a fortune. Why not simply bake the next baptism or wedding cake itself? It • Read More »