Talk in English


Talk is the act of chatting (talking, chatting). A talk, in this sense, is a conversation between two or more people. For example: “Last night I had an extensive talk with Martín where we agreed on different aspects of raising Tommy”, “Children, leave the talk for recess: now you are in class and have to pay attention”, “Less than an hour of talk was enough for the player to solve his problems with the club president ”.

We cannot forget either that chat is the name given to an animal. Specifically, the female of the charlo thrush that is identified because it is larger than the common one. In the same way, it stands out because it has a mottled chest, because part of its wings have a remarkable white color and because its back is gray.

Charla is also a female name. An example of such women is Charla Nash, a woman who in recent years jumped to the front pages of all the media because she had been brutally attacked by a chimpanzee. So much so that the animal caused serious injuries to her face that left her blind and her face completely shattered, which led to her needing a transplant.

A talk can also be an oral presentation before an audience. Unlike other types of dissertations (such as lectures or conferences), the talk is not very formal and solemn: “The coach gave the technical talk before a blackboard”, “The writer will give a talk at the Los Botijas Cultural Center”, “The painter’s talk was interrupted by a group of protesters protesting against the theme of his works.

It is clear that a talk can be an informal dialogue or a speech by one person. In the first case, communication implies a constant exchange in the roles of sender and receiver of the information, since the message is constructed from the intervention of the participants. The speaking turn is not fixed in advance but arises from the dynamics of the talk itself.

According to DigoPaul, the talk can be dedicated to the most diverse topics. Two strangers can start a soccer chat in a dentist’s waiting room, three friends can spend the night chatting about their vacation, or a wedding couple can chat about the future marriage.

With the development of the Internet, a chat can also be held through the computer and without the need to speak. The real-time exchange of written messages is known as chat.

Within the scope of literature we would have to refer to a large number of works that use the term at hand in their titles. One of the many examples is “Coffee talks”, which is a compilation of short stories and stories that came from the pen of Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

In the same way, there is “Talks to beginners”. This was made by the famous Argentine architect Eduardo Sacriste and what he does is carry out an exhibition about the vision, ideas and realities of his professional sector. In this way, it aims to show young people who are studying or starting in that field to know where they are getting.