Telstra Prohibited, on Paper, The Use of Tethering and Manual Network Selection

UPDATE: Finally, after hearing the discontent of users, Telstra has Kickback and not apply any change of conditions

That someday we get to know a data rate truly unlimited in Spain seems a great utopia. Currently offers it no operator and the closest thing we have to an unlimited rate, reasonable price, is the host of Telstra. Initially this tariff had 20 GB in Exchange for 29 euros a month, and after their various stages of reduction to 8 GB and 20 GB back changed last December, to offer 25 GB for 32 euros a month.

The risk of rates with many gigabytes is that intensive use by a large number of clients can degrade the quality of the network of all customers of an operator. Is for this reason that we saw as Telstra introduced in its rate star the possibility of limiting the quality of the video, and now you are communicating to customers changes in their conditions, which prohibit the use of tethering and manual network selection on paper, although the operator ensures that anyone with a use ‘normal’ will be affected.

Since two days ago Telstra clients are receiving a message, warning them of changes in the General conditions of service. Normally a document goes so completely unnoticed for the majority of users, but a forero of GSMSpain realized soon that It was not any change. The following clauses are new:

3.2. the customer undertakes to make a reasonable and good faith-based service use. Voice service may only be used for telephone conversations and not for other uses different or alternative.

In particular is not a use average, reasonable and in good faith and, therefore, it is not permitted, the use of the service of voice and/or of access to mobile Internet, involving, with character and not limited to, any of the following or similar practices:

(h) the transfer or sharing of the use of the services of Internet access in mobile mode through, among others, of terminals or devices other than you have inserted the SIM card supplied by Telstra and, especially, with devices or associated or belonging to different for YOIGO operators lines.

(i) the use of services in the areas in which the Telstra network is implanted and coverage, through another operator on the initiative of the customer’s network to configure your terminal.

On paper, these new conditions they would be prohibiting the use of tethering, the connection sharing from a mobile phone (or any other device) with the SIM Yoigo to others. Does not allow manual selection of a network other than Telstra’s own coverage areas. According to the website that collects the new conditions, these shall apply from 16 February to new customers and from 16 March to already customers.

They are not prohibitions, ensure the operator supplies

Sources consulted by Engadget mobile operator, from the same have ensured us that the new conditions are not directly prohibitions. The introduction of these provisions seek to prevent abuse, the constant use of data sharing or remain always connected to a network that is not yoigo, to not harm users who do make a ‘normal’ use of the services of the operator.

Sources of the operator ensures that only new conditions seek to preserve all your customer’s experience

The promise of the operator is that, not using the new conditions as a direct prohibition of the tethering or manual selection of networks, but the fact that the conditions are there. We will have to check whether, once these new conditions come into force, restrictions are applied, decreases in speed to users who say “abuse”, or If everything is in a simple aviso.

Limits for the “unlimited”

Rarely rates with so-called “unlimited” operators are completely unlimited. The Telstra always have been limited to 300 destinations per month and from the last year also are limited to 5,000 minutes per month. And from the entry into force of the new conditions, the average call of the myriad customers or new infinite may not exceed one hour, nor can chain together more than six hours of consecutive calls.