That’s What Happens When Someone Posts Abusive Messages on Twitter

The Twitter updated its use policy on Tuesday (21) to close the siege against tweets that contain threats or promote violence against others. In addition, the social network internally launched a feature to allow the team security block infringing users for a certain period of time.

When a user is blocked by Twitter, he may see the following screen, which tells the time remaining before the account is again released for use:

Besides being blocked for a specific time, the user may receive other alerts in the Twitter application itself. If you have infringed some rule, Twitter may request the user to confirm your phone number; delete a specific tweet; and be made aware of the main rules – it is forbidden to threaten people or leak private information of little friend, for example.

The social network also applied an algorithm that automatically identifies abusive tweets and has the power to limit the scope of the message. In the words of Twitter: “This feature takes into account a wide range of signs and contexts that often correlate with abuses, such as the age of their own and the likeness of a tweet with others that our team determined in the past that were abusive”.