The Concert in Bike, Thanks to “You Care Bike”

This is the kind of ideas that we like here in urban cycling!. The dream to go quietly to see a massive musical show at the national stadium of Chile, is now a reality. Tea care bike is a unique initiative in our city in charge of Ema Loyola and Seba Saldaña, a pair of citizens of bike users. Following the post “signs of a growing culture of the bike in Santiago” we got in touch, to thus be able to learn more about this service custody of bicycles, with capacity for more than 60 cletas.

Was born this idea of caring for the bikes of those who go to concerts?

Basically, the idea was born when talking, we realized that whenever we went to a concert and recital, we didn’t have the option to go by bike… There is no where to leave it safe and go quiet. Many times we were having to wait for the micro, or pay expensive parking for the car, what us funaba completely after having had a very good time… We assumed that must pass many equal… And then, taking advantage of that I live so long ago just a block from the stadium, we said why not?

What was it that motivated them to pursue the idea?

It motivates us to deliver a service that quiet to all the who dare to go to the national cycling events, a service that we would like to have had whenever we went out, since, above all for large concerts, we know is a true chaos in motor vehicles.

And how to operate the system

Any questions makes us first via Facebook (tea care bike) or mail tecuidolabici (at), where we are asking to confirm us their attendance with your name and phone number: so respond them as soon as telling them the address. The day of the event, once arrived, we received the bike and take basic information such as name, phone, brand and model of bike, etc. For the concert of Paul McCartney (this may 11), we look forward to having numbered identification bracelets. So only deliver you the bike to its owner, and this / to pay to remove.

Used bike as means of transport on a daily basis?

Yes, about 3 years ago in Sebastian. EMA, a space-geographical-temporal matter, cannot. But several days a week in the evening, and weekends, it is common that let them walking or moving to homes of friends in our tandem.

They cycle down the street?

… It is always infinitely more secure, fast, convenient and direct than any “ciclovia” we find proven… except for that (surprise!) is made on the road, as in Isabel la Católica or Santa Isabel…

Do you think that it would help move towards a culture of cycling in Santiago?

The big problem is that still there is much fear by using the bike… one does not feel with the right to “invade the space of the car”, precisely “because I can kill”. And for this, many things can work: starting by lowering the speeds of the Motor City, including implementing regulations for residential areas; raise the levels of requirements to obtain license (doubt that conductors most den cuentaconcientemente which are other living beings that are out there). But also look at ourselves: respect the areas of others where appropriate and sensible: thus avoids the friction that make hostile interactions between peaton-ciclista and ciclista-automovilista. In addition, it can be split from education in schools together of the transit rules (being pedestrian, motorist and cyclist, in terms of the duties and rights). Everything is based, in other words, mutual respect, and this should not be necessary special infrastructure for insurance.

Move your bicycle today, it will be a good day!