The Double Camera Rear of The LG G6 Is Confirmed in The Latest Filtration

Less than a month remains that we may finally know the LG G6, the maximum bet from the Korean manufacturer for the first half of the year and part of the second, taking into account that the V models come from September. The event to unveil the device is set to February 26, in the MWC in Barcelona, but leaks have been shelling so far.

Thanks to these images and specs leaked know, among other things, that your screen will have a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, known as QHD +, which will have the corners rounded physical shape and not by software. We also know that the body will be a unibody, constructed in metal and tobacco, and now It is confirmed that there will be double rear camera, Although it was already supposed.

Dual camera to play with the bokeh

The last filtered image of this future LG G6, and whose truth has been confirmed by Business Insider, shows the back of the device by clearing the doubt about the rear camera. On the back of the G6, we will have a dual camera, similar to which you already saw in LG G5, and apparently would have the function of play with the blur.

Play with the depth of field is something that several manufacturers already use in their rear cameras. While others are committed to targets with large angular, optical zoom, or specific sensors for color and monochrome, all indications are that LG G6 will have a dual rear camera with which we will have a lens to capture the image and another to capture the background.

It is unknown if there will be different focal distances, such as 28 and 56 mm of 7 Plus iPhone ASUS bet on the same line with the Zenfone 3 Zoom. Another confirmed fact is its rear fingerprint reader, circular-shaped and located under the pair of cameras, this image of LG G6 wearing a black color that have not been slow in compare to Jet Black Apple introduced in with 7 iPhone.

In the image not shown too well, but all indications are that the body that we see is unibody, under the design that presents the device. As we say, they are approximately three weeks to know everything about a LG G6 apparently it will be more expensive than the LG G5. Although talking about the price for United States, knows what change will apply to the arrival in other territories.