The First Danish Prices on Nexus 4

It is already possible to pre-book LG Nexus 4 at selected retailers, and price, it is attractive.

LG’s Nexus 4 was recently published even if Google had cancelled its Android event, it meant that the new products did not get as much attention, as during a normal launch.

But it has not held the Danish negotiators from, to be ready with presale of the new Nexus device from Google and LG.

The first telecommunications company to have Nexus 4 ready for pre-sale is 3, which is already the same evening as the launch took place had the product ready in their net-store, minimum price with subscription is 4,468 crowns.

To request your phone at 3 in the 14. November, follows a free wireless charger station with a value of us $599.

Telecommunications companies

In addition to phone company 3, it does not appear to the Danish telecommunications companies are particularly susceptible opposite the new Nexus mobile.

With Vodafone and TDC’s report as ready, they have no intention to take LG Nexus 4 into their range.

Sorry, it has not been possible to get a statement from Telenor.

Danish network shops is ready

But it is not the only 3 who is ready with presale of the phone, several Danish webshops also begins to sign up ready for the sale of LG Nexus 4 mixed dt second Proshop, is already in progresswith presale of the cell phone.

Prices at the danske webshops starting at 3,999 dollars without subscription.

An award that must be said to be low for a top model, when prices at launch time is usually in the area of 4,400 to 5,000 NOK.