The Home of Yoigo Internet Rates Are Accompanied by a Moving Line with 500 MB Free

The success of convergence is without a doubt a triumph of big operators. Thanks to the packages that include fixed, internet and mobile have managed to have more loyal customers and they spend more, especially if they also hire pay television, also putting troubled virtual operators who for years have stolen clients thousands.

But while converged offerings can be suitable for most users, there is also them who don’t want to join internet and mobile in a single invoice. Although they just announce them, all the operators have mobile internet rates and in the case of Yoigo also so, although in his case all options come with a mobile line with 500 MB free.

Although they have not announced them and are well hidden, Telstra launches March 8 internet rates Home out of the convergent offer. Its name is the House and offer the possibility of hiring the connection along with the phone, with the same unlimited calls to fixed national and 60 minutes per month per mobile. Their prices are as follows:



Monthly fee

House 20 Up to 20 Mbps ADSL 35 euros
House 50 50 Mbps fiber 45 euros
House 300 300 Mbps symmetrical fibre 45 euros

As we mentioned at the start, although the House are not converging rates come with a mobile line of gift. It offers calls to zero cents (20 cents of call set-up) min and 500 MB, which once consumed reduces the speed to up to 128 kbps.

The House are only four euros cheaper than the cheapest combined

With regard to the lowest combined rate, the price difference is only four euros. In addition, the price of 300 Mbps fiber connection is the same as Másmovil, but is five euros more expensive in the case of ADSL or fiber of 50 Mbps, having both marks exactly the same coverage of ADSL and fiber.