The Right Sportswear for the Transitional Period

The spring attracts the sport outside! But which sportswear is right now in the transitional period? After all, we do not want to freeze or unpleasant sweat. Here is the solution to the puzzle!

Finally, it is there, the spring and even wakes the need to go out into the open, to feel the sun rays on the skin and to get active. At the very latest, the pampered remnants of the Christmas season have to be approached, should the bikinifigur be reached until the outdoor season. But what is the name of the poem?“April, April, he does not know what he wants. Sometimes rain and sunshine, then it’s snowing again.”If the first jogging attempts or the first bike tours in the fresh air are a pleasant experience, the right sportswear must be taken into consideration. After all, no one wants to freeze as soon as the sun disappears behind the clouds, but also excessive sweating is more than unpleasant. So that the unstable April weather now really no reason for lazy excuses, now an overview, how the perfect sportswear must be for the transitional period must be!

What Are The Characteristics Of Good Sportswear?

There are higher demands on sportswear than on simple everyday wear, but what are they?
Sportswear must be …

… be breathing active

… provide a comfortable wearing comfort

… to absorb the sweat optimally, but also to release it again

… heat-insulating properties

… be water and wind repellent

… convincing through ease of care

Clothes With Onion Peeling Principle – Optimal Adaptation To Any Weather

Above all, the onion principle has proved its worth over the transitional period. In the spring, the weather can change very quickly and the individual clothing layers of the sportswear allow the wearer to adapt to the changing weather conditions just as quickly.

 The First Layer Of Sportswear

The first layer consists of functional underwear, for example, sports bra and training pads and is located directly on the skin. Above all, the sports bra is of great importance here, but it promotes a taut breast. Both the sports bra and the exercise stick should consist of breathable material with a high wearing comfort. It is important that the bra always supports the wearer during training, does not scrub on the skin and in no case limits the freedom of movement. Therefore an optimal fit of the bra is very important. If you buy online, there are tools to help you determine the right size, The training stick can be made from Merinowolle. This high-quality material is especially suitable for the transitional period, as it is both thermally and respiratory-active and has antibacterial properties which prevent sweat-induced odor formation.

The Second Layer Of Sportswear

The second layer of the sportswear is mainly characterized by warming properties. If it is warmer, usually a T-shirt is enough, in cooler temperatures a fleece jacket or a sweater is recommended. In addition to the second layer belongs to a training pants.

The Third Layer Of Sportswear

The third and outermost layer must be weather-resistant and can withstand rain and wind. Water-repellent jackets, so-called membrane jackets, fulfill these characteristics, but also ensure that the sweat is no longer directed to the outside. Breath-active are softshell jackets. However, with respect to their water-repellent properties, they can not compete with the membrane jackets.

If it becomes too hot during outdoor sports, simply placing one of the three sportswear layers, pulling rain or cool winds, the uppermost weatherproof layer can be applied again. With this simple principle, outdoor sports are possible without excessive sweating and freezing. So go – Pure in the onion look and off to the outside!