The Smart Phone Is a Must on Roskilde Festival

We go pretty much nowhere without our smartphone, even at festivals, it is also a must. In the past, we found the old forward.

A few years ago took to deliberate his old cell phone with at the festival, rather than the new smartphone. But at this year’s Roskilde Festival represents a new trend, writes our site.

There are plenty of places on the Roskilde Festival that one can get charged the phone up, but the queue is long.

DR has spoken with 22-year-old Asgerdur Hlynsdottir that has Smartphone with at the festival as the most natural. She says she is not afraid of it being stolen:

-“I think the chances of it being stolen are just as great as when I go in the town in Copenhagen,” she says.

During this year’s festival has so far registered 208 thefts from tents at the campsite and 87 from pockets and bags.

The night of Wednesday was a gang taken red-handed by the police, with 24 stolen phones.

Festival guests shows future mobile behavior

Roskilde Festival this year has gotten better mobile coverage, and telecommunications companies have really whole, so customers get the best possible experience on your phone and it is not by chance.

-“Festival guests ‘ mobile behavior corresponds in fact to look five years into the future, says Esben Danielsen,” there is development manager for the Roskilde festival for radio news.

-“Roskilde segment indicates a trend, as reflected in a few years in the rest of society, and it is among other things. that is why we have been in dialogue with telecommunications companies to make network conditions as good as possible, “explains & d Manager.

Already this year there have been created on Facebook a huge pillow fight, which brought together a lot of people on the camping area in the warm-up dates below.