The Speed of The Cable Reaches The Wireless Charging with LG Quick

Autonomy remains the number one problem on mobile devices in general and smartphones in particular. While the screens, cameras, processors and other components continue to improve, battery technology has not changed much just in years and the most effective solution is to create larger batteries, although there are other more focused options to facilitate the process of loading.

The fast charge has become one of the best solutions to the problem of batteries since it allows us to recharge the terminal in a very short time, but until it is extended by the high-end, brands also began to test the Wireless charging. It does not have to connect a cable it’s quite comfortable, but the downside is that it is a system quite slower than the charge through cable. LG says to have solved this problem with his latest invention: the wireless charger LG Quick.

Wireless Chargers usually offer a power of 5W, which makes the time to reach a full charge significantly longer than that if we use the charger with cable. The reason that the output is more limited has to do with the safety of the load, but according to LG the new LG Quick offers triple power and does not represent a security risk.

The charger has a fairly common round shape between this type of accessories, but the main difference is that it offers 15W and, according to the company, manages to reach a 50% load in just 30 minutes, a figure approximated to what promise us many fast charging systems.

The Quick Charger is compatible with the standard Qi Charge, which is the most widespread, leaving out the Powermat or PMA system. To make use of this charger it is necessary to have a device that is compatible with this system or take one of the various shells that implement it – although in this case they are usually fairly thick shells that are not comfortable.

LG insists that its new charger is completely safe and prevents overheating. It is clear that the crisis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has taken its toll

With regard to the safety, LG has integrated a system that detects and prevents overheating. In the case that the temperature increase the charger it interrupted load, thus avoiding a possible burning of the battery. It is clear that the crisis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has taken its toll since LG insists enough at this point.

Wireless LG Quick Charger will go on sale in Europe, North America and Australia by the end of this month, but at the moment have said nothing about the price nor the specific countries that will come.

The Wireless charging, a solution that fails to take off

Wireless Chargers became popular a few years ago, but today they are still without conquering us completely. Its main handicap is, as we said, that the burden is considerably slower than cable systems, but also offers advantages.

Integrating wireless in furniture load as it has for example IKEA, we can load the mobile every night simply leaving it on the nightstand and, albeit slower, during the night you have time more than enough reach 100% load.

It is also practical if instead of integrated in a Cabinet have the charging base always connected in a place where spend much time, like office table. However, not always we charge the phone in the same site and this is one of the disadvantages of the Wireless charging.

For the Wireless charging is a standardized solution we need to count on bases of charging within reach in different places, and at the moment, its implementation is being quite slow

To make it a more recurrent solution we need to count on bases of charging within reach in more places and time their implementation is being fairly slowly. There are shops like Starbucks that have begun to offer this service to its customers, but still have a lot to make it a common standard. If add you to this that There are many terminals that do not support this technology, the thing is complicated (OK, we can place a housing which will activate the Wireless charging, nor is it the best solution).

Manufacturers comprising Yes fast charging on their mobiles, usually those of high end as in Samsung, nor put too many facilities as Wireless charger must be purchased separately and the originals are not exactly cheap, but there are more options that do not punish both Pocket.

The Wireless charging is an interesting proposal that can change the way in which we charge our phones, but still has many hurdles to overcome. Speed is one of them, we’ll see if the new charger for LG manages to reach speeds of cable as it promises.