The V20 Will Take over from The G5 as Terminal Star LG before Its Poor Economic Performance

LG has been without a doubt one of the boldest brands in 2016. While his main rivals chose to renew their ships insignia with no surprising news, the Koreans chose to do something different, with a LG G5 gambled on the modularity. And like all risky, the result can be good or bad, and it seems that LG has had the second.

LG today unveiled results and mobile division does not happen precisely its best moments. 2.52 mark was million telephones in the market in the third quarter of 2016, compared to 3.28 billion last year. At least the mark It seems to have the strategy to go clear: the G5 has not worked, it’s time to bet on the V20.

First has been Samsung which has presented results marked by strong impact on benefits but slight in sales of Note 7, and now LG also speaks to us about data that go down. Revenues have decreased by 24% compared to the previous quarter, to ship to stores 3% of units, 9% less than a year ago.

Goodbye experiments, Hello V20

LG has not cut when it comes to point out what are the reasons for that decline and focused on one single: weak sales of LG G5. Therefore in LG, they ensure that they will focus on enhancing the sales of LG V20, a more “boring” or class phone, but believe in LG that it has been well received, making it become the reference of your catalog.

There is no news of the arrival of the V20 to Europe, perhaps we touch waiting for G6

Anyone catch that decision by surprise. Few days ago there was talk that future LG G6 would not be modular and now that LG speaks of a V20 that seems to sell more than the G5, clear is the way to go. Doubts are now focused on whether the V20 will be seen by Europe, Since at the moment your excursions outside Asia will focus on America, or if we will have to wait for us to G6.