Transparent Skirts and Dresses: 10 Tips Not to Go Wrong

The trend is showing legs in skirts and dresses with transparency:the look is on the catwalks and wardrobe of the famous. Do you want to invest in it? So, follow 10 tips from the personal and corporate image consultant Marcele Goes, Custom Made Style:

  1. Garment skirts and dresses with transparency give sensuality to the look.As they emphasize the legs, the person needs to be with them in order (without varicose veins, located fats or by the apparent ones).
  2. Usually, the visuals combine with night and walking environments, because transparency always conveys a sexy, even if well-behaved message.
  3. To keep it from becoming vulgar, transparency should not evidence more than could be shown by a common skirt.So the inner liner should not be extremely short.Another tip is to wear a less-cut blouse with sleeves if the lining is short.
  4. You can wear pieces like the famous, with hot pants or body underneath, but the situation should allow this and the person needs to have style that is consistent with the look.
  5. The fabrics that combine with this tendency are the most fluid, made of silk, in different degrees of transparency (fabric constructions of the most closed or more open tissues).
  6. The indicated thing is that the pieces are hit to the body (neither just nor very bulky).Thus, he avoids adding volume to the silhouette and, at the same time, does not run the risk of being vulgar because it is fair and transparent.
  7. The lengths of the skirts can be short (lining mid thigh), knee length and long (with lining also long or short).On more formal occasions, prefer pieces of dark and discrete tones.For the more despoiled, one can opt for more vibrant colors or prints.
  8. Transparent skirts fit well with tight fitting blouses (tightly or gently loosened) on fabrics with a more refined visual appearance, such as polyamide, viscose and cotton with silk.In more casual versions, they also look good with Pima cotton t-shirts (Peruvian cotton with long fibers, very white and soft).
  9. Those who have enough hips or are chubby should opt for more fluid skirts, with little volume and darker shades, in addition to avoiding prints.Tall or small-hip donuts can explore more bulky, patterned and light-colored or citrus-colored models.
  10. The underwear that never leads to an error is the skin color.Because it is a medium and opaque tone, it does not shade in any color.Other than that, it is important to wear lingerie appropriate to the size and aesthetic condition of the butt.Those who are too fat, with a bit of sagging, should opt for the boxer type, with more compression.Women with everything in place have the option of seamless thong type or thong type, according to taste.