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University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police (IUPFA). National educational institution of higher studies. Its main mission is to provide comprehensive training to all members of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), adapting its object of study (Security) to social demands and the evolution of science and technology. It is currently constituted as the main academic support of the PFA by incorporating all the professional training, specialization and training schools of said police.



The history of the IUPFA dates back to August 2, 1974 with the creation of the so-called Higher Academy of Police Studies. Among the main causes that gave rise to it, was the need to institutionalize a field of higher education that would contribute to hierarchizing the police profession, and to the recognition of the scientific and technical training of its actors.

In its beginnings, the Academy was made up of 3 institutes:

  • Higher Police Institute
  • Institute of Sciences and Applied Techniques and Institute of Criminalistics
  • Center for Advanced Police Studies.

Current denomination

In 1992 the Academy changed its name to the current University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police.

With the creation of the Ministry of Security of the Nation in December 2010, a process of change began that led to a comprehensive statutory reform, transforming the IUPFA into the highest body of academic support for the System of Professional Training, Specialization and Training of the PFA, thus expanding its orbit to all the Training Schools of this force, in order to achieve training paths for police personnel, with strong integration and excellence at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

Reformulation of the academic offer: the Degree in Citizen Security, the Cycle of Degree in Citizen Security and the University Technician in Public and Citizen Security oriented to the police function were created.


Currently the fundamental challenge of the IUPFA is given by the adaptation to the new university reality, consolidating an institutional environment of higher education that contributes to hierarchize the police profession, guiding its academic offer of professional training, development, scientific research and extension to the disciplinary area of safety.

Structure of academic units

  • Academic Unit for Undergraduate Training (UAFG)
  • Academic Postgraduate Training Unit (UAFP)
  • Academic Unit Superior School of Police “Comisario General Enrique Fentanes.”
  • Academic Unit of the Cadet School “Comisario General Juan Ángel Pirker.”
  • Academic Unit for Professional and Permanent Training (UAFPP)
  • Police Training and Doctrine Center
  • Distance High School
  • School of Specialties
  • Federal School of Criminal Intelligence
  • Federal Police Aviation School
  • Federal School of NCOs and Agents “Don Enrique O`Gorman”
  • Federal Shooting School

University library

The library ‘s mission is to offer the academic community information access resources and services to facilitate user research, training and continuous development.


They can make use of the Library, regular students, teachers, non-teaching staff, IUPFA graduates and active or retired police personnel and their direct and authorized relatives (details and conditions of the use of the circulation and loans service are found in the Regulation from the library).

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