Unlimited Calls from The Myriad of Telstra Are Now 5,000 Minutes Per Month

Tariffs with unlimited calls at reasonable prices carry a few years between us. It was Yoigo which lit the fuse, with that infinite rate launched in may 2012 with unlimited calls and a giga for 36 euros. After the operator now in the hands of Másmovil came the turn for the rest of network operators and finally some virtual.

And though to simplify always we’ve talked about “unlimited calling” are very few rates that can really speak of calls without any limit. The most normal thing is that we find us a limit of destinations that can call a month and in some cases a limit in the form of minutes, almost always combined with fair use standards. And since this month Telstra combines it all in its endless.

5,000 minutes per month. That is the new limit that has the host of Telstra from this month and which also applies to all current customers rate as of October 1. This limit, which is attached to the of the 300 destinations monthly, continues to be high (more than 83 hours and almost three hours a day) and will not pose a problem for the majority of users, but that novelty gives that talk.

As we have seen at the beginning, Telstra is operators that more time has been offering “unlimited” and so far the only limit was the destination. With the passage of time the operator has extended its coverage, so it calls taken by the Movistar network and therefore the invoice to pay, would have to be reduced. For this reason It is strange that it is now established that limit. Many “abuses” have had to give that Telstra has decided to put the limit now.

Few options with unlimited calls of truth

The truth is that finding a rate that really offer unlimited calling is very complicated. Only Movistar (live 34 and 45) and Vodafone (Red M, L and XL) They offer rates in which there are no limits or minutes or destinations. In the case of Orange, there is a limit of 150 monthly destinations, both in its mobile tariffs as convergent with unlimited calls.

More limits usually between fares with so-called unlimited calls between the virtual. For example, for Másmovil such calls are reduced to 120 destinations, while in most virtual Orange coverage limit is usually set at 120/150 destinations and 7,000 minutes a month.

The limits do not normally pose a problem for home users, but yes they can be for freelancers and companies

Actually, between individual users, it is difficult to overcome any of these limits, but between freelancers and companies the biggest problem may be in the number of destinations monthly, taking into account also that surpassed any of the limits calls are extremely expensive. For this reason, Perhaps the names of some rates should be changed., or at least the limits of these “unlimited” should be more visible, to avoid surprises.