Unpacked: Acer Betouch E400

Cheap smartphone with Android 2.1
For a smartphone you can put a lot of money on the table. This starts with the upper class Android devices, which gladly times scratch at the 400 euro border and ceases with the new iPhone 4, that because of the T-Mobile exclusivity at a large online auction house already times for well over 1000 euros Through the virtual store counter. That such astronomical prices need not be, proves Acer with the new device the beTouch series, the E400 . Because at the moment only 244.90 euros at Cyberport and stand out alone by the price in a positive way from the competition.

Looking at the technical data, the whole thing is even more surprising, since the Acer beTouch E400 actually comes with everything that a good smartphone needs:

Android Eclair 2.1

3.2 inch touchscreen (8.1 cm) with a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels

GSM quadband, UMTS with HSDPA


Qualcomm processor with 600 megahertz

WLAN according to 802.11 b and g standard

GPS with AGPS support

3.2 megapixel camera

Expandable memory via MicroSD

According to ewenzhou, in contrast to many other modern smartphones, the built-in touchscreen is not a capacitive, but a resistive one: in the past, these were rather sluggish and inaccurate, which is why one liked to remove the stylus from good old smartphones once. Touching the screen of the E400, you feel immediately in the past: The surface of the touch screen is rather soft and gives a minimal pressure. Finally, the resistive shape of the touch screen reacts to pressure and not to the change in an electric field.

But before it comes to technical details, the device together with accessories first from the packaging. There is a lot of accessories in the right-sized box. If you pour out all the stuff, the following things are found in the packaging of the Acer beTouch E400:

Acer beTouch E400 Smartphone

Battery with 1090 mAh capacity

Back cover in black

Back cover in white

Back cover in dark red metallic

Screen Protector

cloth bag

USB to micro USB cable


Power supply including adapter for German sockets

Operating instructions (also included as CD-Rom)

Your warranty

MicroSD card with two gigabytes of memory and microSD to SD adapter

Considering the relatively cheap price, Acer packs a lot of accessories for the Acer beTouch E400 in the box: Above all, the different colored back-covers please. Recalling earlier times, when Nokia 5110 and 3210 were in fashion, it was already a feature that one could change at all “Handyschalen”. Today these are even the smartphone. The Acer is a screen protector, however, surprised me not. Obviously one is aware of a weakness of the resistive touch screen: due to the soft touch surface, the display is probably quite scratch-sensitive.

In addition to the relatively small screen compared to the device, there are still four touch panels on the front, which also react to touch. Including Android’s typical home button, one for searching, a back button, and the touchpad for settings. If you look at the E400 once from all sides, only a 3.5 mm jack connector for the headset or earphones on the top side of the device drops next to the USB port. On the left is the power button, on the right Acer has the shutter for the 3.2 megapixel camera and a volume rocker.

In terms of “look”, the Acer does not make a bad impression at first glance. In terms of “feel”, the low price of the E400 is already noticeable: even the chrome colored buttons on the outside are made of plastic, a sense of value makes itself unfortunately With the beTouch in the hand not wide. Nevertheless: At the price of around 250 euros, the Acer beTouch E400 offers at first glance quite a lot. The second look will follow in the next days…