Unraveling The “Tricks” Of Good Decor

Decorating well seems easy, but good professionals specializing in design / decoration study hard! What I called “trick” is the result of this learning: See how professionals can solve the “problems” of these 5 environments and who knows you use in your home? Everyone will ask the name of the designer! (LOL!)

1) How To Make A Totally Neutral Room Look Interesting? 

There are people who do not want much color or even do not want any color at home. How does the professional solve this without creating a “dull” environment?

Working with higher contrast colors (light/dark), prints and different textures. Here’s another example:

2) How To Give The Impression Of The Highest Ceiling? 

What is usually talked about is the use of light color on the ceiling and/or placing the curtain closer to the ceiling, but there are other means. This, for example:

The center of the ceiling in dark color, outlined by the blank “frame” also gives the illusion that this part of the ceiling is much higher. And it is charming and cozy.

3) How To Make A Huge Sofa Look Smaller And Draw Less Attention? 

It happens that the client does not give up the huge couch…Here’s the way it is:

Choose the color of the walls equal to the color of the sofa and prefer a sofa with shallow depth! See also that the table is very narrow and there is some space to move.

Another possibility, which works well in large rooms with any wall color is to choose a very dark color for the sofa with chic wallpaper. Large furniture looks smaller in dark color, but when the ambiance is small and its walls are very light, the dark sofa “weighs” in space.

4) How To “Deal” With A Very High Ceiling? 

Very high ceiling is a boon, but it can also be a difficulty, especially when the furniture is low or it is uneven.

A different situation but one that shows well the “trick”, which is to fill somehow the vertical space : The large and long lamps “fill” and draw attention and the table and low chairs do not seem so “lost” in this space, realize?

Another way to fill your right foot high: A great frame! In this case, it seems to me to be a tapestry. The horizontal lines also help to make the ceiling seem a little lower.

5) How To Reconcile The Desire For A “Male” And “Female” Room At The Same Time? 

Imagine that the husband and wife do not enter into an agreement: One does not even want to know about more vivid colors, fluflu, etc. And the other has a more “feminine” taste and could not bear living in a so-called “masculine” environment. How do you solve this, people?

One possibility is to use so-called “masculine” colors and add “feminine” decor items, such as in this room where the macrame curtain – which is on the rise again!-the lamp, the plants, the coffee table and its objects are very “feminine”-OK! It may be that such a “male” taste does not accept this table (and, after all, it is not very functional at all), but you understood, right? It is possible to try to do the opposite (“feminine” colors and “masculine” objects and furniture), but in general, those who like a more “masculine” style have greater “aversion” to wall colors, prints and “feminine” coatings.