Usually Yawning During the Workout? Learn Why!

Usually yawning during the workout and not know why? There are several explanations, since fatigue and body temperature, the type of exercises performed.

Usually Yawning During the Workout Learn Why!

Is training and yawns several times, not knowing why or only by associating it with fatigue or boredom? There are several causes for this to happen, it being the objective of the following article to enumerate the possible reasons that are making yawning during the workout.

The yawn is a way of the brain to decrease body temperature. Allows not only to increase the amount of blood that travels to the brain, as well as allows lower the temperature of that blood. Can be seen as a natural air conditioner that we have, in response to a temperature increase during the exercise.

Don’t miss the reasons for their repeated yawning during the workout!



One of the factors that may be causing the yawning during the workout, you may be the most obvious reason, and often assigned: fatigue. Change of routine, excessive work, jet lag, among other factors, the following may be causes for yawning frequent.

Try to schedule your workout for the same hours during the day to create the habit and make that the body adapts to a workout routine. Ensure that you get enough sleep, that general rule will be a minimum of 7 hours per night.


Another possible cause, and what more may occur to most people is boredom with the training. This means that the training can be routine and not very challenging physically and psychologically, making it bored.

Change your workout often enough to have new stimuli and not to enter in a phase of stagnation that will lead, inevitably, to lack of motivation.

Consider to try a different activity, change of training protocol, in the background something that you do desabituar of the routine that has been.


The yawn helps to lower the temperature of the brain and increase the uptake of oxygen.

The temperature of the brain increases when the body is subject to stress from exercise or lack of sleep. The reaction of the body is primarily in the form of sweating, being the yawn of a way that the brain has to help regulate the temperature.


This is a factor and sometimes unknown, but with a direct consequence in yawning during the workout. And Why? When you do exercises involving mass muscle large, as is the case of the squat or dead-weight, the probability of yawning is higher given that these masses of muscle involved in these movements require a higher quantity of oxygen to provide the muscles that are being worked.

How are movements that quickly will increase the body temperature, the reflection that has to be the yawn as a way to lower the temperature and increase the intake of oxygen to the brain.

A possible measure to stop yawning during the workout, and reported by researchers from the University of Guelph in Canada, is to increase the intensity of the exercise, once that yawning is caused by chemical substances or neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine, nitric oxide, and serotonin. Rather, the endorphins (neurotransmitters produced in the pituitary) may reduce the yawn, and the exercise more intense segregation of these same endorphins.

The endorphin is considered a natural pain killer, reducing stress and anxiety, relieving tensions, and even being recommended in the treatment of depressions light. There are people who don’t like so much the exercise, but the feeling of well-being have made them. Thus, the release of endorphins that generate a sense of well-being, causes this state of satisfaction post-workout I usually feel.


Although most of the causes of yawning are not of major concern, the excess may be an indication of a possible reaction vasovagal.

Syncope vasovagal or reaction vasovagal, most commonly defined as fainting, cause a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. When this happens, there is an insufficient intake of blood in the brain, which will cause dizziness and feeling of imminent loss of consciousness. As soon as you feel such symptoms, you should lie down and raise your legs above the level of the head to relieve the symptoms.

To prevent the emergence of such episodes adopt some measures, such as: avoid excessive alcohol, avoid long periods of standing and incorporate some salt in your diet (ask a health care professional and never if you have high blood pressure). In addition to the syncope vasovagal, causes such as diabetes may make you yawn during your workout.


Has addressed some of the possible causes for yawning during the workout. Despite being a topic under investigation and be the target of many studies are inconclusive, the 5 factors previously discussed are shown to be more common and plausible.

The more likely it is that your yawn is due to the fact that the most harmless appear in this list: an attempt by the contribution of oxygen to the brain, and decreased body temperature to prevent a shortage of oxygen to the brain and prevent the great increase in the temperature of the body, respectively.