Vårkoll Stockholm (Part 1)

While the weather gods seem to have a hard time deciding if winter really is over, loading the Stockholm stores best for our program to end yet, and that the meteorological seen already reached the capital. It is, as usual, a mixed and black bag, so we Manolo helps you find the raisins in the cake.

The picture to the right: Espandrillos, Miu Miu, 1795 dollars on the Nitty Gritty.

It can be concluded that this spring is not NK’s in the same way as before. NK It has never felt more ospännande-upstart l’Ecole National exceptions and “everything else” in brand path exists “everywhere else”. Paul & Friends is not better than good, so the only thing that can really recommended visit is NK Mr trend, which has already had time to get really hot in the clothes. View Pour up a cruel, if not colorful, Spring collection, April 77 ‘s collaboration with guitar manufacturer Gibson, in the form of a limited edition collection, available only here and top international names like Neil Barrett, Jil Sander and Rykiel Homme has delivered a collection of world class. Then you can put up with that none of the “Italian d:na”-D & G, Daniele Alessandrini or DSquared2-has one of his best seasons this coming.

The Nitty Gritty
Fashion Temple on Krukmakargatan may have been undeserved in my opinion a little attention here on the Manolo. Especially undeserved considering that regular visits here have always been well justified and continues to be so even now when winter becomes spring.

Among the many tidbits are new Japanese Lounge Lizard who have great conditions to become a sales success with a trendy collection. A retro inspired Ditto with pattern designs that may not reach Historic heights, but which still raises an eyebrow is retrieved from GRP Florence and Baracuta Celebrates 70 years as the brand using a completely separate part of the store is reserved which presents a anniversary collection that, in addition to the dimensions of garments made a bit bigger, is identical with the first brand created. The most intriguing story has however French-Peruvian (!) Miscordia (French for “mercy”), whose two original French designers during a trip in Peru came to a children’s home, saw their logo and created an entire clothing line along it. There is no high fashion garments directly, without a stripped-down – casual – collection without the frills.

Lyxespandrillos from Miu Miu to almost 2000 crowns the couple are eye candy in worst team, while the A.P.C. store half a stone’s throw from there, feels far more down to Earth. Spring for the French brand with the music and the term “antimode” as guides in the creative work, has the motto preppy-sailor-tennis and it permeates the entire collection, which is felt to be very uniform and clean. Take an extra look at the short, double-breasted peacoaten in the colors Blue and beige (2495) and the contradictory unadorned detailed crickettröjan (1295). And Miss not to take part in the autumn might not be quite so awaited trend-outerwear in functional material-in the form of wind jacket in nylon (1995).

When “far up on rörstrandsgatan” was too secluded decided the gang behind the store Speakeasy to move to new premises which was “distant, yet in the midst of the pulse”. For some time now found it therefore on tykistökatu 4 and gives a much better impression than the store Artillery Street 2, best known for the t-shirts to overpriced and snooty attitude.

Branded range is recognized from the old shop, but have also been expanded. Busnel, You Must Create, Samsøe & Samsøe, and soon also the first full collection from Our Legacy is to be found on the hangers.

The specially selected range of second hand clothing is still much yet to unpack, but it’ll probably be out of it, too, would like to. Until then we recommend affordable shoes from You Must Create in the different models (599-699), if the Converse and Gram Design something should seem trite.

Le Shop
One of winter’s most hyped clothing drop has been Marc Jacobs sneakerskollektion is now finally available on site in Le Shop display Windows of Birger JARL’s passage. There are no cheap pieces we’re talking about-the cheapest model costs 3495-2595, the most expensive and the shoes themselves are actually not particularly remarkable, but it is further proof of Stockholm’s rising reputation as a city of fashion to the collection at all are available on site. And it sold one, often two, pairs a day, according to Le Shop.

In the rest of the range is Trovatas t-shirts whose motif pipes up emotion and fine knits from the same brand as well as from Nice Collective, as usual in the upper price segment. The top model is the white knit tennis Cardigan “for 3750 with extremely long arms.

Going forward, we can expect the knee socks from Gaspard Yurkievich and so should also be ground retail space already this week.

The least one can say about Le Shop is that when you think you’ve seen everything you have just gotten a taste. It makes the store to one of Stockholm’s most interesting-even in the spring!

On the Welcome to the spring welcome with Danish S.N.S. as new brand, with occasional pieces left from the of you readers so esteemed collection in collaboration with Nette S (which gets sequel already in the autumn, we can reveal) and with much more to show up. White shirts with colorful details in orange and turquoise from Swedish haussade Ulterior Motive, short-sleeved affordable (599) companies in different colors from similarly Swedish Atlas Design and a very strong collection, retrieved from the other side of the Strait in the form of the Won Hundred can also be seen on the shelves. Before suppliers can catch your breath, even including Julian Red Jeans and shoes from familiar Gram Design, French Springcourt and venerable Clark’s fit under the roof of the Paint Shop at the street.

Moreover, we recommend a visit at:
…Judith’s Mr on hornsgatan 65, who always has one of the city’s most exciting variety, which mixes it up with new clothes and that is still by far the best among Stockholm’s second hand shops. And, not entirely unimportant detail in context, as we did after our trip out to the Göteborg stores: where very few garments costing over a thousand patches.
… Fifth Avenue Shoe Repairs shop on bondegatan 46B. One of the very, very best collections are well worth to be enjoyed in its entirety.
…nearby city mission on skånegatan 75 flecks are pouring in–despite an underpowered Mr Department – to, as is customary, the ridiculously low prices.

And as for the Göteborg stores we open for a part 2 when including Tjallamalla and shoe shop C.o.e. t within weeks received a considerable amount of our news on the men’s side.