Vodafone Congratulates Pepephone by Their Fifth Birthday, The Image of The Week

It is common to see how large technology companies congratulate the milestones of some of its competitors using colorful cakes and pastries (famous is the “case already in web browsers”: http://www.genbeta.com/genbeta/mozilla-envia-a-microsoft-una-tarta-por-el-lanzamiento-de-internet-explorer-10-la-imagen-de-la-semana, for example), but so far have not seen use many what telephone operators are concerned. On these lines you can see an exception.

This is detail from the offices of Vodafone have sent to Pepephone to celebrate its 300,000 customers and that, moreover, coincides with the fifth anniversary of the company (which was officially launched in “November 2007”: http://www.xatakamovil.com/mercado/pepephone-omv-con-descuentos-en-vuelos). The “great times” is not surprising, since Pepephone uses the Vodafone network.

This week we did echo precisely a “new discount rates Pepephone”: http://www.xatakamovil.com/omvs/pepephone-se-apunta-a-la-guerra-llamadas-a-0-9-centimos-por-minuto as an answer to the new offer of Telstra, please lower the price per minute of 1.9 cents to 0.9. Despite the passing of the years, Pepephone has managed to establish itself as one of the most reliable and economical OMV. You’ll stay in this privileged position? With the current rates war with other MVNO, It will not be easy.