While You were Sleeping, Facebook Has the Largest Blackout in Years

The largest social network on the planet was unavailable today for just over 30 minutes. Internet users who tried to access the Facebook found the following message: “Sorry, something went wrong. We are working to fix it as soon as possible “(our translation). This is the biggest blackout of Facebook in four years. And most interesting is that you did not even notice because he was sleeping.

Facebook services were unavailable from 4:53 a.m. (Brasilia Time), returning to work only at 5:24 a.m.

“Ah Thas, but who cares?” Well, now Facebook has more than 1 billion records. In addition, his social logins are used for access to a bunch of other applications and services, such as the popular flirting app (!) Tinder.

The effect here in Brazil was minimal, but can search by subject on the Internet:. Many people who are some zones ahead of our complained about the situation Viz: UK, Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Who suffered most were the news sites. As social networks gain importance in the morning everyday people, it is precisely this period that some newspapers and magazines publish the most relevant articles of the day, to then share with fans on Facebook. The Guardian of England, came to publish the chart below. Notice how the number of readers coming social network collapsed as he approached from 9 in the UK.

Interestingly, the Internet users who have given to the donkeys into the water rushed to other social sites. The Twitter in particular should be celebrating the increase in audience this time.

There are rumors that even the Google + was a little busy during the period.


– DIGI (@DIGI_TELCO) JUNE 19, 2014

After all the trouble, Facebook representatives came to public apologize. They also said that the operation of the service has been completely restored. The reasons for the social network fall were not disclosed.