Xperia Z5: Photo Sensors Are Actually from 25 Megapixels

In presenting the new range of smartphones of Xperia Z5series, Sony has placed great emphasis about the photographic sector, consisting of a renovated form from 23 Megapixelsin collaboration with Alpha team specialized in the manufacturing of products dedicated to the world of photography.

According to what reported by an analysis carried out by colleagues from GSMArena, the new sensor used by Sony in its new smartphone hides a few more surprises that will certainly please all lovers of the shots in 16:9 format, increasingly common among monitors, TVs and Smartphones. Indeed, although the sensor, identified as a Sony IMX300 (there are still investigations to do) is marketed as a unit by 23 Megapixels, this would in reality be 25 Megapixels, although this resolution is never actually used in any mode.

Doubts emerged after discrepancies relating to the different height of the shots made first in 4:3 and 16:9 then; in the first case you get photos with resolution 5520 x 4140, while in the second case you switch to a resolution of 5984 x 3366, a value that is inconsistent if the sensor was from 23 Megapixels since a picture in 16:9 should show up with the resolution of5520 x 3105 pixels because of the crop. The image below explains this points in detail.

All this translates into an increase in resolution 16:9 format with photos taken in, since using a sensor in 4:3 from 23 Megapixels would have obtained of the shots at 17.14 Megapixels, while with the current solution undertaken by Sony we can recover 3 Megapixels and switch to 16:9 Megapixels in 20.14, going to minimize the loss of resolution than the 4:3 MegaPixel 22.8 shots made.

That being said, it is clear that choosing Sony to advertise the camera of its smartphones as a unit by 23 Megapixels appears definitely sensible and understandable, since this is the maximum resolution at which you can take pictures and it would have been too complicated, if not counterproductive, carry out an advertising campaign by proposing a “25 MegaPixel sensor that takes only 23 Megapixels“. Below we offer links to two sample photographs used as example; What format do you prefer?