Yahoo Begins to Distribute Inactive Login Names and Will be Charged to Warn of New Releases

If you have registered one wishlist Yahoo to get some login released by the company last month, stay tuned: emails notifying the lucky ones who got the desired names began to be sent on Monday.

For those out of history, Yahoo made ​​a clean sweep in inactive accounts for more than a year to ease the shortage of names for new logins and allow users to type IDs”” can use something like ” “.

As each name released could have more than one suitor, the company released a page of “wishlist” for every interested user cadastrasse up to five names, in order of priority. The first being unavailable, the Yahoo system would try to assign to the applicant the second name from your list and so on.

The wishlists were available until August 7. In his post on the subject, Yahoo said the most popular user names: David, Michael, Alex, Mary, Jennifer and Jessica. Batman and Superman were also quite coveted, believe it or not.

The inactive accounts cleaning process continues, ie, from time to time will release new names. Users who could no login with the first wave of wishlists remain on hold.

New stakeholders, however, will now have to pay to create your list of desired logins(perhaps to avoid play requests). The price is $ 1.99 and allows the registration of up to five names that will be monitored for three years. If any of them becomes available, the person will be advised by email and will have 14 days to register it – this step, yes, free.