Yet Rumors about Sony Adopts a 4 k Display on Smartphones

A few days ago appeared on the network an indiscretion on the possible adoption by Sony 4 k display to its next smartphone, news that we have not reported because there were too many details to make it “credible”. Today, however, seem to get confirmations from internal sources at the company that would speak of a debut by 2015 of a smartphone equipped with 4 k technology.

We’re not talking about QHD, solution that Sony has always admitted to not wanting to use on its products, but 4 k (3840 x 2160) real-world usage of products with a diagonal of less than 6 inches. Given the absence in the market for a new generation of Xperia Z Ultra we may speculate in a new model coming maybe towards the end of the year that takes the first Japanese manufacturer securitypology.

Unfortunately there are currently no further information but this is a second clue that points towards the use of 4 k in the mobile arena and especially commercially ready. If indeed this “Super Xperia” were forced out by the end of the year, the Snapdragon 810 seems to be the only logical solution even if hope is facing S820. Waiting to see if we really IFA 2015 debuting a Phablet 4 k Sony.