Yoigo Strengthens Its Offerings with Definitive Discounts on Additional Lines and More Gigabytes for Six Months

Since in October 2012 Movistar launch its first Fusion rate all operators with capacity to imitate that kind of offer, which offers ADSL or fiber plus a mobile line for a set price, they have launched their own rates. And with the passing of the years the rates have evolved, to offer specific rates for second mobile lines or television.

The last operator to reach this type of rates was Yoigo. After its initial attempt, thanks to an agreement with Movistar which left him very little room, the new Telstra under the direction of Másmovil launched a few weeks ago its combined, lacking offer of additional mobile lines or television. But from today the first deficiency is covered with the arrival of additional mobile rates to those who hire a combined.

Telstra has not given many turns to design an offer for customers who have more than one mobile line. They will simply offer a 20% discount forever in their regular mobile rates, with a maximum of two additional lines for each contracted combined. Therefore, the following are the conditions of such fees for second mobile lines.


Services included

Regular price

Price additional lines

Of zero 1.5 GB Calls to 0 cents/min
1.5 GB
12 euros 9,60 EUR
That of the zero 5 GB 100 minutes in calls
5 GB
19 euros 15.20 EUR
The infinite 5 GB Unlimited calls
5 GB
25 euros 20 euros
The worm Unlimited calls
25 GB
32 euros 25.60 EUR

Conditions for second lines will be available for new high during the month of April, although it is likely that the offer will end up being final.

More gigs, now also in mobile tariffs

Telstra also has an offer for those who hire only their mobile rates. The previous discount of 50% for three months for new high is changed by 20% for six months. But in addition to the discount Telstra will also offer free gigabytes in all their rates for six months. The increase ranges from 1 GB to 25 GB, as we collect in the following table.


Regular rate

Rate promoted

Of zero 1.5 GB 1.5 GB 2.5 GB
That of the zero 5 GB 5 GB 8 GB
The infinite 5 GB 5 GB 8 GB
The worm 25 GB 25 GB

20% discount It is also now offered in all rates combined, that it maintain the gigas extra free for six months already offered in March.